OliverImages is family-owned and based in Gilbert, Arizona specializing in Nature, Wildlife, Places, People and Live Events photography.  Creativity is key and each moment dictates its own artistic vision.  There are no rules to break, only images to enjoy.


When I was thirteen my father handed me a pristine Kodak Retina IIIc, a wonderful little 35mm camera he had purchased for nearly nothing in the PX on his Air Force Base during the Korean conflict. I’ve had the photography bug ever since. I took that compact, folding gem with me everywhere, and taught myself (through major trial and error) how to successfully use it. Then some SOB stole that piece of history and what had begun as a fascinating journey of expression and creativity gave way to other teen pursuits, most notably girls and Alternative rock concerts. It wasn’t until many years later when my wife and I signed up for a photography class at a nearby community college that the spark was lit again. Not only did I resurrect my love for photography, I also developed quite an addiction to classic camera collecting. BTW, another Retina IIIc has made its way into my possession; what a great little camera…



Tim W. Oliver

Owner/Photographer –

President/CEO – TCO Ventures, LLC

New York Institute for Photography, Graduate

KelbyOne, Pro Member

Nature Photographers Network, Member

North American Nature Photography Association, Member

Photographic Society of America, Member

Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, Member